As a first step, the development of a new service would start by designing the context into which the service will unfold, through elements as Catalyst (which has as its sub-elements: Moment and Trigger), Variation, Space (which has as its sub-elements: Area and Location), Need and Offer.



After designing the Context, the next step would be to design the elements related to Perception, which were defined as: Fallibility, Thought (which has as its sub- elements: Emotion, Internalization, Attitude and Truth), Senses (which has as its sub-elements: Hearing, Sight, Smell, Taste and Touch) and Motivation.perception


Having designed, or at least wickedly defined, Context and Perceptions, the following endeavor would be to design Relationship related elements as System (which has as its sub-elements: Connection and Symbiosis), Socialization (which has as its sub-elements: Iteration and Trust), Entity (which has as its sub-elements: Participant, Agent, Stakeholder, Organization and User), Ethics (which has as its sub-elements: Sustainability, Adaptability, Responsibility, Transparency and Visibility). The Relationship connects Context and Perception to Resource and Process.Relationship


Now it would be necessary to consider the Resource(s) necessary to support or enact the Context, Perception and Relationship architecture designed so far. The elements of Resource are: Artifact (which has as its sub-elements: Money, Goods and Operand), Knowledge (which has as its sub-elements: Value, Operant (which has as its sub-elements: Capability and Skill), Tacitness, Information (which has as its sub-elements: Implicit [Signal], Explicit [Evidence and Feedback]).




Finally, after designing from Context to Resource, systematically scanning from a design to a management realm, it is time to design the processes that will actually deploy the service. The Process category is composed by Augmentation (which has as its sub-elements: Research, Interaction [Facilitating, Supporting, Co-creation and Exchange]), Chunk and Rhythm (which has as its sub-elements: Phase and Stage).